Log Title: Duck Everything
Summary: Kagami gets home after a night of stupidity.
IC Date: 2381-03-24
OOC Date: 2019-03-24
Related Logs: None



The tech walks all the way home barefooted. He opens his door and closes it hard behind himself. The shoes get thrown hard against one of the bookshelves. Walking to the closet with a mission, he opens the door quickly and then slides over a garbage can. He starts throwing everything in the garbage that Royal advised for him to purchase. His closet ends up empty and he pulls his pants off and throws them in their too. He drags the garbage can over to the door and throws all the shoes in. He screams at it and kicks it hard. The tech turns and grabs a picture off the bookcase and smashes it against the wall. He starts to wreck his apartment. Books go flying and pictures are smashed. Once he's done, he stares at the carnage and he breathes a sign of anger.

"Fuck everyone." He grumbles out. He walks to the dresser and pulls out an oversized tracksuit pulling it on. The tiny kitten hides in the office. He grabs the bag of food for it and a giant container of water and moves into his office and closes the door. He locks it. He feeds the kitten and gives it water and then he flops onto the VR chair. He loads up a program which is just pure darkness and silence. He curls up in the VR and closes his eyes.

"Hopefully they will find the kitten in time…" He grumbles quietly before the program forces him to sleep.