Our theme lends itself to people changing their abilities in sometimes drastic ways in a short period of time. All characters earn XP through time on the character and through RP. You can save up the XP to spend it on increasing your sheet. If you are only increasing say, Firearms by 1, you do not need to apply for the upgrade. You can just spend it when the system tells you that you have enough XP. But if you want to install a new module or acquire a new enhancement, please put in a +request. Those modifications require IC justification of means as well as sufficient XP.

For example: Richard wants to buy reflex neurachem. He has the XP. He submits a request and also points to a log where he just completed a job for a client as a member of the GPPI and had a good payday.

If you wish to change your sleeve entirely, you are allowed to do so. Just note that moving onto a third long-term sleeve comes with personality frag in most circumstances. Frag can be managed, but only avoided in the most extraordinary circumstances.

If you wish to change your sleeve, put in a +request. You will be unapproved and can then alter your sheet to reflect the stats of your new sleeve. Note that any mods/augmentations on the new sleeve have to be justified by payment or circumstance.