When our game starts, it is the year 2380, which is four years before the events of Altered Carbon TV show. Resolution 653, the legislation that would make it possible to spin up victims of murder even with religious coding is only an idea in the minds of legislators. Criminal elements have discovered a way to fake religious coding to prevent their victims from being spun up to testify against them. Authorities are not yet aware that this is happening.


There was a recent uprising on one of the outer colonies. Danae's Moon, a colony 65 light years from Earth, is one of three moons in the system with colonies. The colonists attempted to rally the residents of Arthur's and Riebald's Moons to form their own government independent of The Protectorate. C-TAC soldiers massacred the ringleaders after a negotiated settlement failed. The DHF of their leader, Denton Qi, was needlecasted back to Earth to stand trial for treason. He was convicted, but in a move many have called deeply inhumane, was subjected to torture (ostensibly, interrogation) in VR before his stack was destroyed. The efforts of the Danae Separatists may not have been successful in terms of breaking away from the Protectorate, but Qi's mistreatment at the hands of the government has set into motion a total ban on VR torture for political prisoners. The massacre on Danae's Moon has provoked criticism and anger that people who wanted the right to self-govern were put down with such violence. The governor of the Three Moon Colonies, the meth Ariana Longbow, defended her actions in the name of Protectorate harmony. She believes fully that the Martians are out there somewhere, and that humanity needs to remain unified.


Other than these two widespread events, life continues much as it has for a generation. The absolute power of the meths at the head of government means that change happens slowly, or not at all. Those on ice for a fifty or hundred year sentence and then released would find a world very familiar to them.

If there's one thing to say for the reign of the meths, is that it keeps life predictable.