Ocular Neural Interface (ONI)

ONI design platforms were created to house the interactions that allow citizens to instantly tap into the data stream, contact others, or remotely view what someone else is seeing. A HUD housed in a contact lens inspired screen on the preferred eye of the wearer. Applied using a cone like device that is held up to the open eye and deployed by pressing a button on the base. Controlled by a thin cuff bracelet. It is possible to turn the ONI off, during which people who try to contact you will be sent to 'voicemail'.


Virtual Space (aka Virtual, VR)

See Virtual Space


See Augmentations


See Augmentations



Essentially small occupancy aircraft the size of a sedan. With the dense population of some areas like Bay City, it was necessary to start building vertically. In order to reach higher and higher to areas such as The Aerium (about 40,000 ft), an affordable vehicle needed to be developed to access those areas. In use by both private upper class citizens and the police force alike, though not everyone is apt to be able to pilot them, especially Grounders.



Instead of physically traveling through space, human consciousness is transferred through the cosmos via technology called Needlecasting, and downloaded on the other end into a waiting body. Of course, this requires an initial physical journey of some kind to colonize new worlds and build some infrastructure, but subsequent travel is basically instantaneous. Meths can afford to have multiple clones on different worlds to avoid sleeve sickness when Needlecasting.


Standard weaponry is still available though considered rudimentary such as shotguns down to cattle bolt stunners. Most modern day (IRL) firearms have simply been updated with laser modules. For a full listing of firearms, reference

Some of the more 'special' weapons have been outlined below:

Ammunition Types

Gunpowder & Traditional Bullets - Most gunpowder weaponry is designed to stop the sleeve but will not Real Death the stack unless it takes a direct hit.

Plasma & Slugs - Plasma weaponry fires a hot ‘slug’ of incandescent plasma which is usually a blue cold fire. Plasma rounds on impact splash and burn the place of impact. Plasma is usually used when you intend to kill the sleeve but recover the stack. Most plasma guns are semi­-automatic with relatively small mags compared to bullets.

Rail & Bolts - Rail guns use powerful magnets to accelerate a superdense tungsten ‘rail’ or ‘bolt’ to incredibly high speeds. Thus railguns are used for their very high penetration of armor and material and their exceedingly high rate of fire. Railguns need a battery to charge the magnets. Railguns use both cased bolts and caseless catridges of solid metal. Railguns are most common in the military. They are expense and brutal, producing very high damage to sleeves ­­think the impact of today’s .50 cals. Will not Real Death the stack unless it takes a direct hit.

Energy & Particle Weapons - Energy weapons use a battery pack to blast out high energy charged particles in a solid beam of light. Potential to fry the stack and cause Real Death.

Beretta Px4 Storm

Standard issue sidearm of CTAC Praetorians, updated with laser module.

EMP Grenade

Creates an electrical disturbance when deployed, meant to fry stacks and Real Death individuals.

Ingram-40 Fletchette Pistol

C-TAC railgun prototype firing flanged armor-piercing front and rear pointed homing rounds from a 10-round clip. Uses an electromagnetic accelerator. Virtually silent, accurate up to about twenty meters. Double barrels that are vertically stacked. You fire a round through the top barrel and a second later the bullet returns to the bottom barrel with the reverse field option on the generator. That means the slugs can be retrieved from the target afterwards and each shot is potentially twice as damaging, as the same bullet can pass through the target with the initial shot and potentially a second time as it returns. Returned bullets are auto-loaded back into the mag, creating virtually endless ammo.

Battery-operated, a freshly charged battery is good for 40 or 50 rounds, after which the gun loses muzzle velocity with each shot. A new, rechargeable battery pack will need to be inserted before it becomes accurate again.


Tebbit Knife

Tantalum steel alloy blade, flint in the pommel for weighting. The blade contains a runnel or channel the user can fill with a liquid poison or drug. The deeper the blade is inserted the more substance is delivered.