As sleeves are a commodity, Sleeve Brokers do a brisk business. These brokers buy, sell, rent and lease sleeves to individuals and to organizations. The terms of these leases varies greatly. Some people lease their bodies short-term to get out of debt, while others sell old sleeves as they upgrade or downgrade. Sleeve Brokers will also purchase or rent sleeves from the government, often buying inventory from those who were incarcerated via government auction.

Some brokers will also deal in Synth sleeves for sale or rent, and rarely, clones. As clones are incredibly expensive, these are rare and often involve people who get in over their heads or excess inventory from a wealthy individual in the case of real death.

As with most things, some brokers are more reputable than others. Some will offer to lease top-of-the-line sleeves to people who can't afford it with extremely strict payment policies and fines for not paying on-time. The industry is not well-regulated, and desperate, status-seeking individuals could find their sleeve repossessed.