The world of Altered Carbon uses many well-known cyberpunk tropes. Although it would be helpful to watch at least one episode of the television show (which is on Netflix), it is by no means required. In particular, the first episode covers the process of decanting and re-sleeving and gives a capsule view of the world. But as long as you have an idea of the tropes of the genre, much of our game will feel familiar.

There are a few key points that we suggest you read in full before going through chargen. One is the entry on cortical stacks. A stack contains DHF - Digital Human Freight. That is, your consciousness. Everyone has a stack, and everyone in the world is well-acquainted with changing bodies. This has various implications in our world.

The other part to acquaint yourself with is the meths. Meths are the ultra-rich of our theme and they wield an enormous amount of power. Their longstanding power and immortality has stagnated a lot of society to the point where someone could go into storage for a hundred years and still recognize the world they emerge into.

Other than that, we're a game full of hackers and criminals in a neon-lit world of towering buildings. There's flying cars, off-world travel, the ability to jack in to cyberspace, cyborgs, sentient AIs, robots and more. It's a world built on the themes and tropes of Neuromancer and Blade Runner. It's a neon-lit dystopia with tinges of film noir.

We hope you'll join us!