Psychosurgery is the discipline where a DHF is spun up in virtual space and that digital environment and stimuli are used to help someone through trauma or deal with mental illness. This is essentially psychology and psychiatry gone digital. A psychosurgeon carefully controls the environment in a way that the doctor believes will help the patient heal. Sometimes that means creating a safe and calm state, sometimes it means working through painful memories. It can also be used to prevent or mitigate personality frag, or help someone adjust to a new sleeve by a process of slow acclimation.

A psychosurgeon obtains an advanced degree and completes medical school. The doctor may have some knowledge of VR programming, or they may employ the services of a programmer to alter the environment or build a framework on which they can control the environment easily. In any case, most psychosurgeons either own or rent their own VR chairs for the purpose of conducting their work.