Game Rating

This game is rated R. It will contain scenes of violence and coarse language. Player discretion is advised.


Bay City is a violent place. Our game is set when human life has become cheap and disposable. 'Organic damage' (aka injury or death of the sleeve) is seen as property damage rather than assault and murder. It's treated far less seriously as destroying someone's stack and creating 'real death.' Human beings aren't just casually violent to one another, but for the most part, violence is treated far less seriously than it is in our own world. Players should be aware of this fact and be prepared to come across potentially violent scenarios.


Medical technology is incredibly advanced in the world of Altered Carbon. However, it's only available to those who can pay. In many cases, it's cheaper for someone to be re-sleeved than it is to repair the damage. Doctors act as salesmen, pitching upgrades and add-ons while a loved one is being operated on. It is the ultimate privatized medical system. Minor injuries that are inexpensive to repair (such as a simple bullet wound, abrasions or breaks) can be healed 3-5x faster than in our world. If you have enough money (or are willing to put out the cash) your wounds can be healed almost instantaneously.


As rape is one of those terrible things that happens IRL and also in a world where people tend to treat human life with little regard, it does happen. However, it will never happen, nor has it ever happened to a PC. It is the opinion of the game staff that rape is rarely treated properly in storytelling, and it is overused in general. By chance or fate, no PC has ever been raped. You may make a case as to why that might be included in your background, but it would have to be an extraordinarily good and sensitive pitch to be approved.

If you wish there to be trauma in your background, consider it to be simply violent rather than sexually violent. The Walking Dead’s storytelling is a great example of how terrible things can happen without resorting to rape.

Sex and TS

From an OOC perspective, what you do with consenting adults in private is your own business. However, please do not TS (TinySex) in a public place and please do not post logs of it. No one needs to see it.

NOTE: Employees of the Houses or other brothels are not obligated in any way to TS with you, nor are you obligated to TS with them. Fade to black can start before so much as a touch is exchanged if the employee or client wishes. Also, as noted in the section above on rape, any sexual RP must be consensual in nature.

Sexual activity that is RPed should be in service of the plot and character development rather than for its own sake. If you are primarily interested in RP of a sexual nature, there are other games for that.

Please note that any form of pheromone manipulation is banned as that kind of ability is often used as an excuse to try and circumvent consent.


Treat each other respectfully. Act like adults. Don’t be a dick. MUSHing as a hobby has been around for a long time and there are very few young players coming into the hobby. That means everyone should be a mature adult. Don’t bully. Don’t harass. Don’t make sexist, racist or homophobic comments. Keep your assholery IC. Keep your anger at IC assholery IC.

Staff is not going to outline in detail every rule, because at the end of the day, ‘bad behavior’ is subjective. If Staff feels a player is not being a respectful human being, they will be spoken to. If behavior continues, they will be asked to leave. At the end of the day, a game like this is not a democracy and it is not a service you are paying for. Staff promises to treat players with respect, respect the energy they have put into their characters, and to treat them like adults. Still, staff reserves the right to ask people to leave without citing specific policies they may have broken. This comes from witnessing players on other games who were not technically breaking the rules, but were still being a disruptive presence. That is the kind of behavior that can sink a game, so it will be avoided here. What defines ‘bad behavior’ is up to the discretion of staff and is based on common sense.


Consent is a little looser on this game than on others, since medical tech has advanced sufficiently that serious injury and maiming do not represent a massive change or side-lining of a character. And of course, 'sleeve death' is different than 'real death.' Scenes that have the capacity for violence will be labelled as such, so a character can choose to not participate. Everyone should enter into violent scenarios with informed consent, and a player will always have a choice when it comes to sleeve death. In the event of serious injury or maiming, we are happy to work out an IC scenario that gets you back and playing much quicker than you would in a more realistic theme.


Players are currently allowed two alts. You must have your first alt approved a minimum of two weeks and have posted a minimum of three logs to the wiki.

Players are allowed to app AIs as second characters, but please still pitch your concept to staff as they are restricted.


Played Bys, or character actors, are strongly encouraged. PBs from Altered Carbon are not allowed to avoid confusion. However, there are hundreds of sources from which to draw PBs. To prevent people from taking up the most popular PBs, players can choose one A-list PB (which is fairly self-explanatory. These are the PBs that are very often in use. When in doubt of whether a PB qualifies as A-list, ask staff!) This can either be their main or reserve PB. A reserve PB is the PB someone would have in the event they get resleeved. One PB can be an A-lister, and the other must be more obscure. For instance, you could take Chris Pratt for your A-lister as either reserve or main PB, and choose say, an actor from the CW show The 100 as your second. If you have no immediate plans (or no desire to) resleeve, then you can just pick one PB. This would also apply if your PB has the resources/is in a situation to have multiple sleeves. The exception to this is if you choose to resleeve and you haven't set a reserve. In this case, you can request another A-lister provided that PB hasn't been spoken for. Players can also speak to someone who has a reserve PB they would like to use for their main PB if it hasn't yet been used ICly. The person who reserved the PB does not have any obligation to release the character.


Meths, or Methuselahs, aka the ultra rich of the Altered Carbon universe, are not open to app at this time. The reason for this is because the meths by their nature do not interact much with those of lower classes. Their extreme wealth and long lives means they are almost a different type of human entirely, and they consider themselves above everyone else. It's quite possible that we will open this sphere up in the future, but for now, most PCs are upper middle class or below - with a few richer characters allowed on a case-by-case basis.


All characters must be at least 20 years of age and be in a sleeve that is at least 20 years of age. Minors/teens are not allowed as PCs. Please avoid NPCing children/teens as well. As the game is adult-oriented, we want to keep the action adult as well. NPCing children can become functionally close to playing them, and we want to avoid this. Children in our world are sometimes seen and rarely heard. You are welcome to have off-screen children or have appearances from children in non-speaking roles.
The only exception to the age rule is with AIs. An AI wouldn't be much older than about 30 years, but they must be programmed with an adult personality and sense of self.
All players must be 18+ as the game deals with adult themes.


Because of the theme, all sorts of changes are available that wouldn’t otherwise make sense. Players are allowed to change PBs through the process of resleeving. Keep in mind that for many people, resleeving has the potential to be traumatic and mentally taxing. Most people only change sleeves long-term once or twice before they opt for real death or storage.(See newsfiles on resleeving for more details.)

Changes to your skills and abilities can come via resleeving, but also through the addition of neurachem and cybernetic parts. You must have the XP to support this, and you would also have to demonstrate the conditions ICly that would have allowed the upgrade to occur. (IE, your char came into some money via a plot that allows them to upgrade to a cybernetic arm.) This can be done via +request.

Player-run Plots

PRPs are strongly encouraged. Anything involving street level crime (ie, a murder mystery, a smuggling ring, etc) can happen without approval. Anything that creates a permanent change to the grid or has the potential to affect a large number of characters must be run by staff.

Idle Policy

Players who have not logged in for one month will be put on an idle list. If a player is gone for three months without logging on, they will be idledested. If a character holds an important position in a staff-created faction (ie, a police chief or a crime boss) staff reserves the right to remove your character from that position off-camera and replace it with a more active player or NPC. Your character remains your intellectual property and will not be re-played unless you willingly place them on the roster.


The Stack MUSH is a new game. There will be things we missed, things we haven’t considered, things that aren’t going to work. Please be patient. It won’t be perfect. You’re welcome to provide feedback on channel and discuss things respectfully with your fellow players, but please save criticisms and complaints for private conversations with staff either by page or +mail. The reason for this is to keep things positive. Critical comments or complaints don’t need to be aired to the entire playerbase. It’s the difference between walking into a store and loudly voicing a complaint in front of other customers and privately asking to speak to the manager. If it’s an issue that several players have raised, staff will address it publicly in a bbpost.

At the end of the day, Staff gets to make the call. We ask that if you air a complaint that we don’t feel is an issue or make a suggestion that isn’t implemented, that you respect that decision. We will always make an effort to make sure the players are heard, but it’s still our decision to make.