The Stack MUSH does not make use of a traditional grid system. Instead, we have several RP rooms that can stand in for any number of locations. The main purpose of a grid is to show where things are in relation to one another. As Bay City is built vertically, that would be difficult to express on a grid.

All of the following descs are loaded into the rooms. There is also an open RP room. If you play in there, then people can ask to join your scene. If people are not RPing in the open room, you can assume the scene is closed.


Jerry's Biocabins

The Biocabins is a place where it's best not to think about its cleanliness. Most that come here are looking for a quick place to let off some steam in one of the tiny booths where the more credits you feed into the console, the longer the peep show lasts. The performers are behind a partition that can go from opaque and just showing shadows and hints to clear where everything is in full view, and for a premium that partition goes away completely. Customers have to pay to stay, or it's on to the next person with credits. The women and men that work here are the fly-by-night sort, with a high turnover rate for the way they are treated like disposable commodities.


This district of the Ground is where people come to be forgotten. Virtually ignored by the government, even police activity in this area is rare and crime runs rampant. Years of neglect and misuse leaves the buildings here in ill-repair, derelict homes and dark corners a breeding ground for the vile and villainy of Bay Town. It's not uncommon for small street gangs to war over territory here and drugs and other contraband can be found on every corner. Holo images project on the cracked and broken walls, toting all kinds of perversity and depravity and those that don't have blockers on their ONI will be overrun by ads for everything from knock off electronics to discount (and likely illegal) bio-upgrades.

Panama Rose

Panama Rose: the brand for this particular fight drome was built on the fact they never record and never broadcast their bouts thus making the limited tickets coveted is you don't want to miss the action. The building itself consists primarily of bare concrete and chain link fencing, utilitarian and easy to hose down after a fight. A main lobby boasts holo images of some of fighters that are taking place in upcoming matches. From here, the lobby pours into a long hallway that drives the crowd deep into the inner arena. Along the way the spectators pass a sectioned off area lined with bio-pods that provide further advertising as they contain brutal (often monstrous) looking combat sleeves in stasis, waiting for their turn in the ring and hinting at what's to come. The hallway dumps out into a large room where the crowd can surround an octagon shaped ring lined with chain link fence and accessible by two chutes for the opposing fighters.

Black Market Bazaar

Located in Licktown the Bazaar isn't an open air, fixed venue but more of a series of abandoned buildings and apartments where the seller can move easily if one place gets too hot. If you know where to look, here is where a buyer can find everything from rare fresh produce to illegal weaponry. In these dredges, with the right connections, biotech upgrades come cheap with no guarantees and are done in questionable surgical suites. Drug dealers aren't afraid to set up shop instead of working corners, and dens of users pop up naturally surrounding them.

Jack It Off

The Bubblefabs

Plasticrete domes, once inflated and hardened, became a low cost solution to housing the ever growing population of Grounders. What was once meant to be temporary has now become permanent, families making their homes in these Bubblefab communities that are the equivalent of a shanty town. Slapdash plumbing has been added as an afterthought, while inner walls are generally constructed out of salvaged materials making these bubbles into more adequate living spaces for the disadvantaged.

Golden Town

With the advent of flying cars, there was little use for the iconic Golden Gate Bridge. It was instead transformed into a shantytown, made of towering storage containers, cobbled together into living spaces and shops like giant Lego. Its proximity to the polluted harbour and its position exposed to the elements means it's not a very pleasant place to be. The only benefit is that it's one of the few places in Bay City not overshadowed by massive skyscrapers. The sun occasionally touches the bridge, which is another reason for the town's name.

Grind House Coffee

Quarantine Zone


Spice of Life Lounge
Spice of Life is one of those rare establishments close to the ground, but with an upper vibe. It's right on the border of the ground and the mid-uppers, and caters primarily to criminal types and the occasional richer type walking on the wild side. It's not particularly wild, though.

It's smallish - only about fifty seats or so, and drenched in dark wood and rich carpeting. It occupies one of the higher floors of a mid-century highrise - that is, the original building before another hundred storeys grew out of its head. Between the buildings, one can spy the twinkling lights of Golden Town - the shanty village on the now disused Golden Gate Bridge.

GPPI Guild House

Bay City Police Fell Street

Virtuosity Cafe

AI Hotel District

Mid-Level Residences

Heaven and Seven

PIL Terminal


Wei Clinic

Neon District

The Neon District is the crossroads of Bay City. Most of the city is heavily stratified, and with the exception of a few levels up or down, no one tends to travel far. This place is the exception. It's a place not too fancy for the Grounders, and safe enough and well-patrolled enough for the higher echelons to feel relatively safe visiting. As a result, by day and by night, people of all incomes mix, engage in commerce, and enjoy the night life.

Liquid Air

There are two entrances each patrolled by bouncers. One enters up the ramps into a spheroid room with a stage at the centre and several levels. Even in this place where everyone is technically on the same level, stratification needs to occur. The circular motif repeats in dozens of sunken tables, each large enough to fit about a dozen people. Bars circle the outside and the decor reflects the world outside. That is, all neon lights and sensory overload. This is the crossroads of the crossroads. Both legitimate and illegitimate business is done here. This particular club is known to be in the territory of a crime lord named Argus, and is the particular domain of his lieutenant, a man named Acorn.


The Agora

Gourmet Row


RB Synthetics

Terra Spaceport


Private Meth Residences


Head in the Clouds


Third Planet Shipyard

Psychasec Needlecast Satellite

OTHER COUNTRIES (descriptions not currently in rooms.)

The Kingdom of Great Britain

In our timeline, Ireland has been reunified into a single country, which means the United Kingdom is now simply the Kingdom of Great Britain (as it once was several hundred years before.) The monarchy is seen as an archaic curiosity to anyone outside of its borders. Vestiges of the former Commonwealth linger in tradition throughout the world, but the vast majority of countries have cut all official ties with the former empire. There is still some romance around the image of royalty, but for the most part, celebrities and meths have supplanted them in the popular imagination. The Kingdom is a Constitutional Monarchy, which means the role of royalty remains primarily ceremonial.

The advent of stack technology forced the Kingdom and monarchies around the world to either become lifelong dictatorships and thus no longer monarchies at all (with their reigning monarchs becoming meths) or to adapt and codify certain rules to make sure the monarchy survived. The Kingdom of Great Britain chose the latter.

Anyone with royal blood loses their place in the line of succession the moment they resleeve. This is done for two reasons. One, the bloodline of sleeves is still important in monarchies. Two, the whole basis of the monarchy is succession. The monarchy would stagnate and fall apart if succession never happened. Cloning of royals is likewise forbidden and written into the British constitution, and grounds to lose title and place in line for the throne. Augmentations or cybernetic implants are only allowed with permission of the monarch, and usually only granted in the case vastly improving the quality of life for the person (ie, a lost leg in an accident and a cybernetic replacement, or cybernetic eyes to reverse blindness.)

It is generally acceptable for a royal to take a second sleeve and retire from public life, or for someone who experienced sleeve death at a young age to take on a second sleeve (although they are still disinherited and removed from the line of succession.) Resleeving is not a taboo so much as that it represents a removal from public life because of the threat it poses to the order of succession and bloodline that are critical to the monarchy.

Some former royals do become meths (as they had the resources to secure the technology.) Those ex-royals are often looked down upon by the English people, and they enjoy no titles and lose access to any property or standing associated with their title and status. They are also excommunicated by the royal family. In general, it is seen as a form of treason to use wealth accumulated via royal title to essentially undermine British democracy and the monarchy by becoming a meth.

Despite these provisions against royals being meths, the Kingdom and other monarchies do ally themselves with those powerful people and have more occasion to rub shoulders with them than the general populace. Some meths still romanticize royals - after all, they are essentially the new version of ancient monarchies - and thus like to associate with them.

The current monarch is Queen Beatrice I of the House of Windsor. She rose to power at 27 after her father, King James III experienced sleeve death after a heart attack. He remains in her life as an adviser but he has no royal title or status.


Three Moon Colony

The colony consists (perhaps not surprisingly) of three moons orbiting a gas giant that have been terraformed - Danae's Moon, Riebald's Moon and Arthur's Moon. Riebald is the most inhabited, with a city covering most of the southern hemisphere. Arthur's is primarily agrarian - the 'bread box' of the colony, and Danae's consists of three domed cities that operate mining facilities. Poor conditions for workers on Danae's is what led to the recent attempted uprising.

The colonists of Danae's Moon attempted to rally the residents of Arthur's and Riebald's Moons to form their own government independent of The Protectorate. C-TAC soldiers massacred the ringleaders after a negotiated settlement failed. The DHF of their leader, Denton Qi, was needlecasted back to Earth to stand trial for treason. He was convicted, but in a move many have called deeply inhumane, was subjected to torture (ostensibly, interrogation) in VR before his stack was destroyed. The efforts of the Danae Separatists may not have been successful in terms of breaking away from the Protectorate, but Qi's mistreatment at the hands of the government has set into motion a total ban on VR torture for political prisoners.

The massacre on Danae's Moon has provoked criticism and anger that people who wanted the right to self-govern were put down with such violence. The governor of the Three Moon Colonies, the meth Ariana Longbow, defended her actions in the name of Protectorate harmony. She believes fully that the Martians are out there somewhere, and that humanity needs to remain unified. Some believe that Ariana has seen martian artifacts on one of the moons that leads her to believe they are still a potent potential threat, and thus has made her a zealous guard of protectorate harmony.

Harlan's World

A planet that is 9/10 covered in water. There are orbital satellites left behind by the Martians that shoot down anything that goes up higher than 400m. The energy weapons from the satellite are known as Angelfire.

Sanction IV



New Beijing


Hun Home