There are several organizations, both legitimate and otherwise that exist in Bay City. The following are a list of orgs other than those listed in factions.



There are dozens of gangs that exist in a complicated network of alliances and grudges. The city is divided with ever-changing borders. There is only one truth - each gang can eventually be traced back to a meth, though most would never know which, or even believe they were connected. Crime is a business like any other. Some people are not full-fledged members of criminal orgs, and instead freelance for them.

The Katsokopos

The Kataskopos are a network of shopkeeps, servicepeople, guards, beat cops, administrative assistants and prostitutes who sell what they hear to a handler. The Kataskopos target those in low-paying, insecure or criminal positions who are nonetheless privy to secrets. They are paid for what they hear. Sometimes, they have to provide records, but usually they’re used to confirm rumour or check the spread of gossip.

The catch is, you can’t just sell one secret to the Kataskopos. When you are attached to a handler, you are attached as long as they find you useful. The most surefire way to escape them is to move yourself into a position where you could damage them by telling the right people that they exist and how to find your handler. After which point, they tend to disappear back into the shadows. As they prey on the vulnerable, those who are no longer vulnerable are able to escape their grasp.

The Kataskopos are employed by everyone from private investigators trying to find proof of cheating spouses for their clients, all the way up to corporate espionage. They themselves are freelance - a rare organization who isn’t bound directly to the fate of a meth - that they’re aware of.


The True Believers