Meths, aka Methuselahs are the extremely long-lived ultra-rich. There is speculation that the meths are another breed of human by this point. They see anyone who isn't hundreds of years old as a child. And, due to personality frag, most lower classes don't live more than about a hundred and fifty years even if their stack is still intact. Not every wealthy person is a meth. Meths are essentially the 1% of the 1% and they've held power for hundreds of years. For the most part, meth families were powerful and wealthy before the advent of stack technology.

Most people fear, respect or envy the meths - or a combination of all three. Meths are functionally immortal and unkillable. They have the resources to have dozens of cloned sleeves. If their stack is destroyed, they can be recovered from a wireless needlecast that backs up their consciousness once every twenty-four hours. They have the power and resources to bribe all levels of government, and they hold such complete power that it's exceedingly rare for any meth to be charged for a crime.

Meths hold important positions all over the Protectorate. Some are private citizens who run massive corporations. Others are colonial governors, politicians, and military leaders. Given their extremely long lives, many meths have held a combination of roles.

Despite their near-supervillain abilities and influence, meths are not all bad people. Their biggest sin is a paternalistic attitude to the masses, who appear as mere children in their eyes. The oldest lack all perspective and can become callous to daily suffering. Others consider themselves 'caretakers of the young' and will engage in extensive charity work. They have long since lost the ability to see other human beings as equals, and they believe their long life means they know what's best for humanity.

The effect the meths have on society is staggering. Since the advent of stack technology, social progress, technological progress and even colonial ambition has stagnated. When the old never cycle out to make room for the young, the status quo changes slowly.

Not all meths are hundreds of years old. As they inhabit cloned bodies, they stay fertile and virile indefinitely. It's not uncommon for a meth couple to have between 10-30 or more children - though they do tend to get bored with procreation after awhile.

The families of meths are not exempt from the paternalistic attitude of the eldest among them. Meth households and companies are as stagnant as everything else. A first-born child of a meth will never inherit because their parents will never die. A young meth (young even by normal human standards) can expect to be treated like a child well past when the broader society would consider someone an adult. Imagine your parents treating you like a 16 year old when you're in your mid-50s. Some meths even go as far as directing that their children's clones stay in their early twenties so they're never taken completely seriously.

NOTE: People from the Colonies would refer to what is described here as First Families, as they were the leaders of the original colonists, and the most wealthy.

Notable Meths

The following is a list of staff-controlled NPC meth families. Players are welcome to make up other meth families as they tie into their background. Note that no meths are PCs at this time, though a limited number of fallen meths are allowed.

Bancroft Dynasty


Laurens Bancroft, the patriarch of the Bancroft family is one of the founding meths and over 360 years old. Laurens himself has a god complex in the extreme. He has 21 children with his wife, Miriam. The Bancroft family is one of the most powerful and influential of the meth families.
NOTE: The Bancrofts are a canonical meth family. For this reason, they will be used sparingly. However, nearly everyone has heard of them. Please do not use the Bancrofts in your background without checking with staff first.

Riebald Dynasty
The Riebald family made their fortune first in machinery during the industrial revolution, then in robotics, and finally, in synths. RB Synthetics is the gold-standard in synths. Their synth bodies enabled the colonization of most of the Protectorate's colonies. The original head of the Riebald family at the advent of stack technology, Corinne Riebald, was killed in an early experiment with needlecast backups. Her entire stack was corrupted and she was unrecoverable. Some in the family still suspect she was murdered, but no proof was ever found. Since then, the head of the family has been her wife, Mia.
The Riebeld family is relatively well-respected and they have a better public image than the Bancrofts. Most recently, they suffered a family scandal. Alma Riebald (youngest sister to Corinne) and her son, Roland, were excommunicated and cut off from the family fortune. No one knows exactly why, but there is a suggestion that it was either industrial espionage or a real death attempt.
NOTE: The Riebalds are tied to a PC. Please check with staff before including them in your background.

Longbow Dynasty
The Longbows have always sought positions of political power and influence. They earned their fortune through building industrial vehicles and then terraforming equipment. There are more Longbow colonial governors than any other meth family. Chetan Longbow is the current mayor of Bay City. He's held the office for thirty years. Ariana Longbow is the current governor of Three Moon Colony. She recently oversaw the massacre of separatist leaders in her jurisdiction.

Bakshi Dynasty
The Bakshis are one of the youngest meth families. They only gained that status approximately a hundred and fifty years ago. They had long served several other meth families in various capacities. Their patience and loyalty paid off. Anthony Bakshi was the first in the family to gain clones and needlecasting backups. Slowly, the rest of his family has gained access to the technology as well. As they are younger than their counterparts, they're seen as a bridge between the meths and the greater human population. They are known to advise meths involved in politics on matters of policy and can more accurately predict what might cause a public backlash than their older counterparts.

Fallen Meths

There are a limited number of meths who have fallen from grace. This usually tends to happen to someone further down the family pecking order who becomes frustrated with their lot and tries to make a power move. It almost always ends badly, and leads to the meth being disenfranchised and disinherited. Life is not easy for a former meth. Meth families tend to make a lot of enemies, and they don't tend to be popular.

NOTE: A limited number of fallen meths are available to app, but the application must be strong and different from other fallen meths in play. Characters who are not meths but are simply wealthy, who fell from grace are not limited.