2381-04-01 - Ghosts of Fishes Past »Winter and Royal spend a quiet moment in VR.
(log royal social winter)

2381-04-08 - Shark Smiles »Winter and Royal discuss living in Bay City and the Longbow case over dumplings and wine.
(log royal social winter)

2381-04-07 - Professional Courtesy »Belle and Winter meet during a rainstorm and discuss their respective careers.
(belle log social winter)

2381-04-03 - Window Shopping »Winter does some perusing and snooping. Galen is charming and keeps his shirt on.
(galen log social winter)

2381-04-02 - Bitter Noodles »Kamagi and Winter run into one another at the noodle spot. They have some differing opinions.
(kagami log social winter)

2381-03-28 - Pillow Talk »In which first kisses, first sleeves and first bodyguards are discussed.
(log royal social winter)

2381-03-27 - Dessert With A Wounded Bird »A still-healing Royal gets some company when Winter pays a visit.
(log royal social winter)

2381-03-24 - Safe Word »Kagami stops by Galen's place and greets the fighter with a fist. It's downhill from there.
(galen kagami log social)

2381-03-26 - I Will Always Annoy You »(Theme from The Bodyguard)
(log mick royal social)

2381-03-25 - Buyer's Remorse »Kagami and Winter reconnect.
(kagami log social winter)

2381-03-24 - Play It Again »In which the nature of human history repeating itself is considered and ultimately ignored.
(log royal social winter)

2381-03-24 - Duck Everything »Kagami gets home after a night of stupidity. Warning: NSFW Language
(kagami vignette)

2381-03-24 - An Exchange of Favors »Winter needs something a little questionable. Acorn is all too happy to help.
(acorn log social winter)

2381-03-23 - DJ in the Mix »Naoko interrogates DJ Shatterstack
(log naoko social)

2381-03-23 - The Bar »Violet and Winter rarely disagree. When they do, they do the thing right.
(log social violet winter)

2381-03-14 - A Toe Dipped in Virtual Water »Winter tries to ease Royal's anxieties about VR. The Duke lets his guard down a little.
(log royal social winter)

2381-03-11 - Tea for Two »Royal and Winter meet and chat over tea.
(log royal social winter)

2381-03-22 - Just a Scratch »Winter pays a visit to a hospitalized Royal.
(log royal social winter)

2381-03-22 - That Tie Though »Violet checks in with Carnage. A girl has needs.
(carnage log social violet)

2381-03-21 - Mask Off »Royal and Naoko track down DJ Shatterstack
(log naoko royal social)

2381-03-18 - Hurt »Galen fills Acorn in on the happenings at the Panama Rose. In their unique fashion. Warning: Language, violence, etc.
(acorn galen log social)

2381-03-20 - The Duke's New Clothes »Pattern recognition helps Winter and Royal identify some possible leads; Royal shows his true VR colors.
(log royal social winter)

2381-03-19 - Working On It »Royal and Kagami meet at the noodle shop and try to work stuff out.
(kagami log royal social)

2381-03-19 - Down in the Dumplings »Violet and Winter review what they know and discuss a current event.
(log social violet winter)

2381-03-18 - Strung Up »Someone sends a message to the owner of the Panama Rose
(carnage event galen log naoko tanaka violet)

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