Log Title: Door to Door
Summary: On the hunt for an unknown assailant, Naoko takes to going door to door for clues.
IC Date: March 9, 2381
OOC Date: March 9, 2019
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"I guess it makes sense you would have decent profiling skills, given the whole…"
"… psychosurgery thing?"

Yeah, that.

It's a little late in the day for a walk-in, yet the door swings in at Wisteria Tau's Neon District Office unexpectedly. As the chime sounds, a woman of middling height steps in from the street, police badge clipped at her hip. Naoko Perez takes one sweeping look across the waiting room for the psychosurgery, eyes fixing on the holographic fishtank before she goes back to seeing about finding any conversation.

A tablet is held loosely in one hand, the back of it tapped on the fingers of her other.

Naoko lets out a quiet sigh before drifting to the side of the front room that has the least amount of seating — she doesn't want it to be mistaken she's here for that kind of visit. "Hello, Dr. Tau?" she calls out mildly.

In the fish tank today is a small school of silvery blue fish that are swimming as a group through a display of rock caves and arches covered in corals and coralline algae. A few red and white striped shrimp wave antennae about as they move around the sandy floor or poke along rock formations. The rest of the room is empty and quiet, save for the trickle of water coming from the little fountain on the table.

About a minute after Naoko calls, the door to the back room opens and Dr. Wisteria Tau steps out, wearing a pair of fitted black slacks, heels and robin's egg blue button down shirt. "Hello," they greet with a polite smile as they take in their guest and then said guest's badge, "…officer. How can I help you?"

A small, equally polite smile is afforded back to the doctor before Naoko bobs her head in a curt nod. "Afternoon, Doctor. I was hoping you might have a moment." No handshake is extended from the officer in the leather jacket. Instead, Naoko shifts her hands over the tablet to wake the screen. "I'm Lieutenant Pérez with Bay City PD. There's a suspect who was recently reported in this area, and I'm wondering if you might have seen them."

The wording is vague enough to not immediately imply having 'seen them' as a patient, but delivered brusquely to drive home the implication anyway. Naoko's eyes are sharp, on the Doctor directly for their reaction rather than paying attention to the tablet as they turn it out to them. "Do you recognize this person?"

The image presented is a still that looks like it's been stripped from a traffic or security camera, clipped from the waist up while the subject is turned. Male, dark haired with wide brown eyes. Slender, skin in darkened shades of umber where neon doesn't reflect off his form.

Winter holds a hand out to take the tablet and consider the image on the screen. They squint a little. "It's not really the best picture, the lighting makes it hard to accurately determine facial lines. But… I don't think so. Certainly not a person I interact with on a regular basis." They offer the tablet back. "What are they suspected of doing?"

"Battery," Naoko doesn't hesitate to reply. "We have several reported assaults that all tie back to a man of this description. A consistent story among victims is the attack happened out of nowhere, from their perspective. A bump on the street, a brush just a little too close, and…" She snaps her fingers for effect before taking back the tablet, looking a little disappointed at the doctor's lack of reaction. "One of his victims saw he seemed unwell, asked him if he was all right, and he lashed out."

For just a moment, Naoko's attention cuts back to the flash of the silvery fish. They're a pleasant distraction, providing a moment of levity in the midst of what's probably a distressing day outside of this conversation. "Could be an addict, high or dopesick alike, or could be something more." When she looks back to Wisteria, her brow is arched slightly. "Just looking to find them, talk to them. No one's pressing charges at this point … and if they need help, I'd rather get them the help they need."

"Hmm," Winter muses, lightly crossing their arms. "That looks like it was taken from some sort of security camera. Are there any videos of him?"

"So you think you have seen them after all?" Naoko's brow lifts even higher, making no immediate move to retrieve that footage if any exists.

Eyes not leaving the doctor, Naoko slowly lifts the tablet and idly swipes for a new application. After a moment of consideration, she looks down, skimming through some other files before pulling up the desired shots - the security footage the still was taken from. The images remain localized to the device, projecting on its screen only, but the officer does the courtesy of turning it back out. "Here," she offers, glancing down at the video as it begins to play back.

Agitated and troubled definitely describes the younger man, who skitters away from every near-bump. He makes his way down the street slowly, looking over his shoulder. Eventually, his behavior's erratic enough that opposing foot traffic swings a berth around him, looking back after passing.

"I guess it makes sense you would have decent profiling skills, given the whole…" The thought is left incomplete, save for Naoko gesturing her offhand around the office while the video continues to play.

"…psychosurgery thing," Winter finishes, though their words sound a little distracted as they lean in to watch the video. One hand taps slowly on their knee. "Either someone is after your 'friend' here, or at the very least, he believes he's being pursued. "Any consistency to the victims? Same gender or age or ethnicity?"

Naoko shakes her head absently. "No — at least not at a first glance. Like I said, it seemed to be pretty random. This stream here is the only one where we caught a good look at his face, but the others — it just seems to be that when someone gets too close, he goes off. Paranoia or something." That part is said with an undertone of agreement, corroborating the belief he thinks he's being pursued. She takes in a breath, eyes narrowing in thought while weighing sharing more details. Ultimately, she sighs away any concerns and continues speaking. "Hoping to find him before we're responding to another call about him," she confesses.

"It's only paranoia if you're wrong, officer," Winter replies with a faint quirk of a smile. They straighten as the video goes back to the start. "He looks agitated and distressed. He thinks someone is after him. It's certainly possible, or even likely, that his attacks are related to that sense of being hunted. Perhaps he's mistaking these people as his pursuer or someone involved in whatever he fears. That's the best I can offer from a video, though."

Naoko is still walking away with more than she thought she would here. "Thank you for the assessment." She blanks the screen on the tablet and tucks it under her arm. "I'll not take up any more of your time, then, but if you should see him, please get in touch with me or any BCPD to notify us right away."

It might be old-school, but she produces a business card from an inner pocket on her jacket. 'Naoko Pérez, Lieutenant' is clear on it, along with direct contact details. "Any time, really." she insists, tapping the temple of her forehead with a flash of a smile after passing along the card. The inner light of her ONI flares for effect. "Just want to make sure he doesn't hurt himself, or anyone else."

Winter accepts the card and gives a small nod. "Of course, Lieutenant. If I do come across this man, you'll be the first person I call." The business card is tucked into their pocket.

"You have a pleasant day, Doctor," Naoko says as she steps back to the door. One last glance is given to the holographic aquarium, taking a moment to appreciate before stepping out onto the street, making her way under the darkening skies. Time to knock on the next door.