Log Title: The Easy Way
Summary: Kayden and Nyda debrief after a virtual run at their job. Nyda avoids uncomfortable topics the easy way.
IC Date: December 14, 2380
OOC Date: December 20, 2380
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Kayden does not have a particularly fancy set-up for virtual, which means that while he can sprawl back in his deluxe gaming chair with the 'trodes on, Nyda has to stretch out on his not-particularly-comfortable bed. Still, it lets you run through a mission a dozen times in a day, which really helps for training. Even when they get killed or captured a disturbingly large percentage of the time. The last run, however, was successful, and after Kayden has flickered his way back up out of virtual and unloaded their consciousnesses back into their bodies, he rubs at his mouth with the back of his hand, reaches for his can of Headburster and wets his mouth, then notes, "Good, I was just about to start turning down the frequency of patrols, because that was pissin' me off." After all, the reason he became a hacker in the first place was to make games easier for him.

Virtual is something that she is quaintly used to; in fact, she is more used to it than Nyda. It's an important part of her work, and important part of what she does. She's also very used to enduring training scenarios, accepting failures, learning from the mistakes, spinning it back up, and trying again. Kayden's growing frustration has been quite amusing to her, and it was starting to show toward the end. Once they unspun and stepped out of the successful run, she smiles with a hint of amusement and satisfaction. "That isn't how we learn, Kayden." Her tone is haughty and teasing, and then she softens and gives his shoulder a gentle nudge with her knuckles. "You did great, Kayd. We will be okay, really."

"Hey, you can totally learn on lower difficulties. Just have to boost things up after. Don't learn anything getting crushed all the time either." Kayden reaches up to pluck the 'trodes off his head, then moves over to repeat the gesture for her, rubbing at the induction points briefly despite the grumpiness in his voice and the gathering of his brows. "You're real calm. I was half-worried that you were going to start hitting walls. You're taking this real cool, babe."

"Babe, it's a job… that's all. I guess I'm just focusing on it being a job." Her expression tries to hide the unnerving in her belly when Kayden notices yet another difference between her and Nyda. Being her sister is complex and complicated. Kayden is going to figure this out… Kayden is going to figure this out, and then what is she going to do? She breathes out her nostrils, and her smile breaks into a weary smile. "Sorry, babe… I'm just… nerved. Acorn nerves me. I don't want to fail, so I guess I've shoved all that fear as deep as I can send it so I don't let it be the thing that fucks me up."

Kayden seems pleased, actually, not to have to worry about a girlfriend looking to loose her frustrations. "I mean, I know that he's scary and all, but why now?" He stops then, tilting his head to one side as he leans against the back of his computer chair, "Wait… he hasn't gotten after you about the whole Bay City PD thing, has he? Because nobody thinks that's your fault, and if he does, I'll…" Kayden stops then, thinking things over, and settles on, "well, I'll do something really mean to his mail."

"I don't know." Nyda rubs at her brow, looking a bit uncertain. When she looks back up at him, her eyes search his for a long moment. There's an honest, uncertain moment from the green-haired bruiser — who looks nothing like a bruiser. Her head rests back slightly into her hands as she curls her fingers around the back of her neck. Her gray eyes are soft, thinking, then she looks up at his threat with a smile. "Don't do that. It's fine. I think that whole sting thing just shook me up a bit, and I'm feeling a bit… like I need to prove myself, show that I can do what I need to. That's all." She reaches for his wrist now, tugging him in close. "Really. Promise. Swear."

The uncertainty transfers neatly over to Kayden, watching Nyda struggle with her thoughts. He's already reaching out to her when she grasps for his wrist, and he is pulled readily to her, his knees bumping against the edge of the bed and his other hand settling over the roundness of her cheek, "You want to prove yourself again? Then why don't we find our own job after this? Use our initiative? Hit some place that's not associated with any of the big players. Get somethin' useful for Acorn. That'd prove you still got it and that I always got it, right babe?"

His suggestion lifts her eyes to meet his, and she starts to smile at the mere idea he's suggesting. What surprises her is that she's not smiling because of the job itself, but because Kayd wants to fix the problem in front of him. Damn, this guy… Then she nods slowly, tilting her cheek into his fingertips. When she breathes out the next exhale, it is to pull him in closer to her so her lips can touch his in a thankful, soft kiss. It is warm, but not smoldering. It just soft.

Kayden tilts his head slightly at the smiling lift of her eyes, a little silent question in his eyes. The nod eases his concern, and he leans down over her to meet the kiss, smiling against her lips. One hand drops down to her hip, urging her back from the edge of the bed, and then he shifts his knees up onto the bedspread (actually somewhat straightened since he knew she would be there), settling them on either side of her thighs so that he can effectively sit in her lap, leaning down to settling his lips on hers again, a slow kiss, nipping lightly at her upper lip but not pressing matters. Both hands settle at her cheeks then, thumbs caressing, "You know, we could have done that in virtual too."

"Why would I want to do this in virtual when I can do this here?" Nyda's words are husky against his lips as she tilts up into the kiss. Her fingers slide down along his arms, tracing the line outside his muscle to his elbows. Then she starts to wrap her arms up around his waist, tugging him close with him in her lap. It's an amusing change of usual, and then she slowly begins to sprawl back out until she can rest back into the bed with him sprawled on top of her instead. "This is so much better than anything in virtual."

"Well, in virtual…" Kayden's counter-argument is silenced as Nyda sends goosebumps up his arms and then collapses slowly back. He follows her with a laugh, ending up curled up perhaps more than he wanted over her, his back arched to allow him to claim another slow, warm kiss. "…you can do it anywhere. And any time." And theoretically with anyone, if you've got the right skins, but that's something else altogether, right? He looks down between them a moment, then shakes his head, laughing quietly, "Somehow, I don't think this position is going to work so well, Ny." Instead, he looses her face to take up his weight on his arms, sliding his legs off the bed and crouching at the edge so that he can lean forward over her body, his stomach laying between her legs and his torso sprawled out across her abdomen, "…a little better. And just what was it you were assuming we were going to do?"

Nyda laughs softly at his adjustment, and then she settles her gaze up at him. "Well, we could have tried to make it work." Then she grins up at him with a wry tilt of her head. Once he's settled back in place, she breathes out a slow exhale. Her smile softens. "Is that what you want? Find somewhere, anywhere to mess around?" She's not interested in the being someone else. She already has that problem. She brushes her fingers down across his brow, following his hairline until she can touch the edge of his temple.

"I don't know…" and now Kayden starts looking a little bashful, as if he's not sure how far he wants to press the newly-adventurous Nyda, "Maybe." He ducks his head into her abdomen, pressing a kiss just below her bustline, and then looks up again, "There's something kind of exciting about the idea that you might get caught." He pushes slowly up her body, taking up most of his weight so it's just a light, teasing press between his torso and hers, "I mean… not so we might actually get caught," well, maybe not, but his tone says maybe he's hedging against disapproval, "but just so it feels like we might."

A warm hint of laughter hums between Nyda's gentle pressed lips, and she smiles with renewed interest up at her boyfriend. She tilts her head slightly, eyes tracking his with a light hint of amusement in her pale eyes. "Well, I tell you what… one of these days, we can go fuck around in virtual, but… you should know, I'm much happier with the real thing, even if it may feel almost the same spun-up in virtual." Then she leans back, curling her arm behind her head to watch him tug up her body and closer to her smiling lips.

"Totally the same," Kayden promises, and then hedges, "as long as the server's good." His torso drags across hers as he rises up to the point that he can press a kiss to her lips, "Well, maybe not quite the tingles in virtual, Nyda." Because Kayden's not up on the whole 'bioelectricity' lingo. "Plus no clean-up, unless you want it." His brows lift in question, "But I don't know, is the cleanup part of the fun?" There's a good deal of uncertainty there, nudging out to seek the edges of Nyda's comfort envelope.

"You're asking me to trade the tingles for no clean-up?" The woman laughs huskily against his lips in the wake of their soft, shared kiss. She tilts her head a bit, watching him loom into her view. Her fingers trace along the side of his jaw and chin, tracing down toward the line of his neck, to his shoulders. There she graces her fingers wide along to the downward curve of his arms and then back up to gather up his jawline. She leans in closer, arching up to kiss him in a slow, affectionate press of lips. Her tongue touches gracefully against his lips and then nudges gently until she's kissing at his nose up to the flat plane of his forehead.

Kayden shrugs a little helplessly, leaning into the kiss, his lips moving over hers. The tracery of her fingers draws a laugh to his lips, but the amusement is smothered by the second kiss, his tongue flirting against hers before he chuckles, ducking his head into her additional kisses. "Yeah… you know, I'm glad I don't have the goodie-two-shoes sister. Way more tinglies this way." Beat pause, and he smiles against her collarbone and then nips at the line of her throat, "And way more clean-up too."

If only Kayden knew… Nyda smiles ruefully up at her boyfriend from her lounge. The comment about Hanne incites a low, half-amused sound in her throat. The Good One, the Bad One — but it is hard to really see the line anymore, and the black and white is taking on grayer tones. She leans her head down into his, nestling close so that their heads rest together while he gently plays at the skin of her collarbone and throat. She chuckles at his comment, the laugh humming behind her gently pressed together lips. "Mmmm, are you actually complaining, Kayd?"

"Noooope," Kayden's response is nearly buried in a chuckle as he shakes his head against her throat. "That was total agreement and approval, Nyda." His thigh presses between her legs, but his chuckle rises to soft laughter as he presses a kiss to her jawline and lifts his head just far enough to meet her gaze, "So… in your… professional, criminal, opinion… what do we have to fix to make this job work out right?" His grin curls up at one corner, going distinctly crooked, "Or am I distracting you too much?"

"Hard to tell," Nyda murmurs softly against his lips. Then she gasps a low noise of contentment when he presses his thigh down between her legs. The way his lips move along her jawline, the tease and the taunt, and she's laughing huskily against his skin. "Mmm, you're definitely being distracting." Then she takes a steadying breath, trying to get her work brain rebooted despite the distracting weight of Kayden pressed to Nyda. "Hm. I'm not sure we have to fix anything. Didn't we just run a successful simulation?"

"Well yeah, but even when you make it," Kayden's arms slip under Nyda's shoulders, settling close against her, "there's always somethin' you can improve. Like I saw a different way I could jack with the cameras once I'm in there. That just means," His grin stretches broad, "You gotta work on uppin' your DPS. Time dealin' with the adds better." And now he's into MMO-talk. It may be impossible to get him back. Or very, very easy.

The shift toward the MMO-talk has Nyda rolling her eyes — it is a rather dramatic eye roll, but an eye roll all the same. "Kayden…" She says in a tone that is terse, and demanding his attention with that simple utterance of the syllables of his name. Then she drags a hand through his hair, catching him firmly with her fingers before she drags him down into a heated kiss. It burns at the edges, speaking a quiet desire that has only redoubled in Nyda since she was picked up by the Bay City PD. She pours fuel into it, turning it into a low, constant burn. Her lips part, tongue slowly sliding out to touch his lips in a graceful, eager move of her lips with his. Her nose brushes along his as she draws him deeper still into that kiss.

She's definitely going to take the very, very easy route.