Log Title: A Six Hour Tour of a Synth
Summary: Kayden follows through on his job offer from Aseneth, doing some intense coding to help her get a little freedom.
IC Date: December 11, 2380
OOC Date: December 11, 2018
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It's not the first window that Kayden chooses, but it is the second. He responds with a location that is not particularly savory, especially not for someone from the Houses. It's a crappy coffee shop with rooms for rent in the back. Sure, some of those rooms may be used for illicit liaisons, but given the Net hookups there, most of them are used for other illegal activities. Kayden is waiting in one room, a cheap autopistol shoved into the back of his pants as he sits in a swivel-y chair in front of a rather intense-looking semi-portable computer setup. When the door opens for Aseneth, he gets up, one hand reaching back for the pistol… and then relaxing, "Hey there, Aseneth. You ready for some privacy?"

Aseneth comes into the room, hands down at the synth's sides. Technically, Aseneth /can/ change appearances, but as the synth body is leased, usually that functionality is locked for customer use. It doesn't really bother Aseneth much; but then again, there hasn't been very much cause to go into places quite this run-down. "Jumpy I see." Aseneth says, at the half-rise. "If it makes you feel better, if the House catches us, I'll simply state that, as I've been hired out by several wealthy clients of an unsavory and private nature, its good business for me to ensure they have complete privacy. Its even true, as far as it goes." A quick glance around the room is given. "Not the worst dump I've been in, but the worst since I came to Earth. I'm ready. How much of this will I even be conscious for?"

"Well, when you're fucking with the Houses," is Kayden's explanation for the pistol and his nerves. The explanation he doesn't give, of course, is that while he's sure that he can totally do this, he's not sure he can totally do this. The words cause him to nod slowly, "That's wonderful protection for you. Personally, I think that I'll probably just claim I never knew you worked for the Houses and hope that they're idiots." Flashing a brief smile, he gestures to the almost-comfortable-looking dentist-like chair alongside his own seat, "It's quiet and I know the owner. Plus they do a pretty good job of hiding their IP. You'll be able to be awake for everything except for a couple of reboots and one bit at the end. I'll work one section at a time, then go back in for one full sweep."

Aseneth nods. "Very well." and moves to sit down in the mildly dubious chair. "Sounds great. And yes, I suppose hiding the IP would be a good idea for this. You do sound pretty nervous, however. Are you worried enough that you'd like to change your mind? It would be mildly annoying, but I could find someone else. I've had to put up with a lot of unpleasant things, so I wouldn't want to force you into something if it honestly scares you."

At having his nerves called out, Kayden does what he does best — or at least most often — he doubles down, "Nervous? Naw. This'll be a walk in the park." There's a moment's pause, and then he adds, "Relatively." Gathering up a series of cables connected to a headband, he moves over to Aseneth's side, "Get this on over your head and I'll check the leads once you've got them on. And don't worry, you won't find anyone better. You're in good hands." Another pause, "Or a good keyboard." Heading back to his computer to check the input from the leads, he nods a little, "I'll be digging through all the code — I have some research spiders set to help me out with that. If there's anywhere you don't want me looking, now's the time to let me know."

"My past is rather…" Aseneth pauses. "Embarassing. I don't think you can see my memories or anything. I'm not entirely sure how it works in a synthetic brain. I know I have simulated…everything. I don't mind any files you might peek through. At most, it will be emails from stupid clients, or user configuration settings and the like. Nothing personal, even on the ONI. But if my stack stores actual memories in my artificial head, try to avoid peeking. Some shames should remain private. If it comes up though, its not the end of the world." Aseneth leans back so the cables can be checked.

"No, I won't be touching your DHF," Kayden reassures his new client, "just checking the physical stack for any add-ons, and then going through the synth-body." He's running through the check-list that he came up with over good portions of the last few days in virtual, then moves back Aseneth's side to adjust the setting of a few of the cables. "Alright, we're hooked in. Now the question is what you're going to want to do during the time. I can hook you up in virtual if you want, or if you've got a book," he smirks a little at the archaic suggestion, "little movements won't matter."

"I'm patient." Aseneth says. "And used to waiting for long periods while bored. It won't be a problem either way. But you can plug me into virtual if you want."

Kayden chokes a laugh at that, "Oh shit… yeah. I bet you are." He checks a few more settings, and then settles down into his chair, "Ouch, by the way. That was cold as hell. And you're the one paying the bills, I'll do what I can to make it as interesting as I can, but I'm gonna be spending a lot of time staring at the screen and typing a lot." There's a pause, he looks at his screen, and then lets out a breath, "Here we go."

"Thank you." Aseneth says, firmly. "I'll take that as a complement. And I promise not to bother you if I don't have to. I understand you need to concentrate more then I do."

<FS3> Kayden rolls Hacking: Good Success. (2 7 8 1 4 3 8 3 3 2 5)

The first hour is mostly Kayden poking around the outsides of the code, seeing what it does and how it does it. Unfortunately, he talks to himself while he codes, muttering under his breath. He also pulls a disgusting-looking energy drink out of a chill bag, cracks it open, and starts in on it. There are a few impulses through Aseneth's synth sleeve as he tests the synapses and reactions. "There are a couple of interesting subroutines going on that might record. I'm going to have to dig in a little deeper." He slurps some more of the energy drink, "How are you holding up?"

"Still more entertaining then most of my customers." Aseneth says dryly. "I'm fine. That drink looks awful though, and I can barely taste things anymore. Are you trying to ruin your sleeve?"

<FS3> Kayden rolls Hacking: Good Success. (5 1 5 8 1 5 5 6 8 1 1)

"Well, if you still think so after we're done here…" Kayden laughs off the joking proposition, shaking his head to ensure that she knows he's not serious. "It's got the most caffeine per ounce that's legal. Also, you get used to it." He gets back to typing, frowning a bit as he does. His mutters get more angry, more frustrated, but the text keeps scrolling fast down along the various screens, "There's definitely something in here. I'm not sure exactly what it is, but I think it's recording something."

"Something as in, not necessarily the sorts of things I had assumed?" Aseneth asks curiously. "Could it possibly be just a virus or malware of some kind?"

"I mean, the difference between recording software and malware is really just who put in there." That's not entirely true, but it's close enough for Kayden's description. "Don't know if it's House-installed, Maker-installed, or malware." He pauses a moment, "Yet. Give me a few." It's likely going to be at least another hour before the 'a few' is over.

<FS3> Kayden rolls Hacking: Amazing Success. (7 6 7 7 3 7 8 1 8 8 8)

Aseneth takes up whistling obscure tunes from Virtual videogames. Hopefully Kayden doesn't find it annoying.

The tunes do catch Kayden's attentions for a moment, but then he starts to get into it, bobbing his head along with the music, "Nope. It's definitely House-installed. Hacked in after the original programming, but much better than someone piggybacking. Pretty sure I can get it." A moment longer, he laughs, "Oh yeah, got it." When she starts in on another tune, he chuckles, "Oh shit, that's from Ace Fighter Seven, isn't it? I hacked the shit out of that one when I was a kid." His fingers dance across the rubber keyboard, and he laughs to himself, "Thought you were clever, didn't you? Oh yeah… tied it into the morphing code. Tricksy."

"I used to be a huge videogame junkie." Aseneth confesses. "In my old life, before I was basically an indentured servant of the houses, I spent most of my free time at it. Not as much time for it now-adays, but even so." The synth tries not to shrug. "I thought Ace Fighter Seven had good music, but the gameplay of Ace Fighter Six was better. I mean, the games cost way too much money either way, but they were certainly fun for a few hours."

<FS3> Kayden rolls Hacking: Good Success. (2 5 8 6 6 8 5 1 5 3 2)

"See, I started cracking their encryption because I couldn't afford 'em." Kayden's response is distracted, his attention on the screen as he types away, "Yeah, Six was good. Seven had that wonky camera thing, yeah?" Time passes with more muttering and grumbling, and Kayden shows no interest in getting up for a bathroom break or anything. And he's three energy drinks in. "So… feel free to tell me to fuck off, but why go for the Houses? Just no way out?" His knee bounces as he keeps typing, "Okay… I think we're getting close. That code in with the morphing work was most of it."

"You could say I fell into it." Aseneth says. "By the time I realized what I was getting into, it was too late. I was young and stupid, and had ideas about how the world worked, and all of those ideas were wrong. I put my faith in the wrong people, instead of concrete things, like cash, or my own best interests." The synth listens to the description of the code and the efforts with patient interest.

<FS3> Kayden rolls Hacking: Good Success. (2 3 8 6 4 6 2 3 8 5 6)

"Yeah. You get in with the wrong people, things go bad. You get in with the right people…" Kayden leans forward again toward the computer, "Huh. Okay. One more little bit of… I think I've got it…" Shaking his head, he realizes that he's babbling a bit again. "Sounds like a good way to get in a bad place. Right. So there was that devilish bit in the morphing software that shifted something in the eyes into a bit of camera. I cut that out. There was some code attached to DHF upload into the stack too. I got all that," at least, he's pretty sure he did, "too." Straightening up a little, he stretches his back then guzzles the last of his third energy drink, "Looks like you've got your freedom, Aseneth. And I inserted that bit of cracking software to make them think it's all how they expect it to be."

"There was code attached to the stack?" Aseneth asks, sharply. "Can you tell if that was put there by the houses or pre-existing? Any idea as to what it did?" Her tone sounds more concerned. Probably anyone would be concerned about anything regarding their stack. "Thank you, however. I'll have the rest of the money sent to you. Hopefully I can take a few worries off my synethetic shoulders now. The spyware itself is cleared then; do I have admin access over my body, by any chance, or is that hoping for too much?"

Kayden nods, "Not in the stack, sorry. Part of the upload process. Not sure where it came from, but it was slick as hell. Looked like it duplicated some of the memories and storing them elsewhere. I'm thinking maybe connected to your schedule? So it wasn't worried about what was going on when you weren't working." With another flourish of typing, he stands up and stretches broadly, "Don't think I can get permanent admin access, but I cracked the current password while I was at it. You'll have some access until they change it, but I didn't want to try to hide any real backdoor in there. The more I did, the more likely it'd be spotted." He picks up the can of energy drink, shakes it, discovers it's empty, and grimaces, "Okay. Ready for the reset?"

Aseneth nods, leaning back again. "I'm ready for the reset. Thank you."

Nodding in response to her ready, Kayden checks the leads once more time, then flops back into his chair, and hits the appropriate button with a flourish. The synth sleeve shuts down for just a moment, and then boots up again as Kayden watches the rapid scroll of text on his screen. He murmurs several more times as the sleeve comes on-line, his eyes flickering back and forth across the screen. Eventually, he nods, "Yup. Alright. We've got it. So. Anything else you want me to do while I'm in?"

"I don't think there's anything else that I can't tinker with myself, for now." Aseneth says. "Most of the settings I play with are related to my job, and as far as my…" A pause. "…end…of the…user-experience goes, they are fairly liberal. I usually leave the haptic feedback turned way down, for instance. At least while I'm working." So she doesn't have to feel anything. The senses are simulated anyways; it wouldn't be hard to do. "When I'm not working, I tend to jack it up as far as it can go, if I get into a mood. Gives a pleasant buzz. But none of that concerns you, I don't think. Thank you for the help."

That's probably way more information than Kayden needed to know about the latest updates to the oldest profession, and he frowns a little, then nods, making a little 'hmmm' sound. "That's… kind of an awesome ability. There's definitely some times when I'd want to crank my senses up and some when I'd want to crank them down." He checks the readouts one more time, then stands up to start pulling the leads off, then removes the headband with a flourish, "Let me know if you have any problems. Not that you will, obviously." There's a tired grin as he looks back over to the computer … and it's six hours after she lay down.

Aseneth stands back up once the leas are removed and the headband is taken off. "Well, I can barely taste or smell anything at all in the best of times, so it has its limits, obviously. Even the best liquor tastes just like water. I do get a neat little pop-up though." Aseneth stretches, more out of old habbit then any real need, lacking biological muscles. "Pleasure doing business with you. Goodluck with the cooldown from those energy drinks."

Kayden groans slightly, "I barely notice them anymore. But I'll work on my Arcknight before I crash. It'll give me plenty of time. Pleasure's all mine, once the money's in my account. Good luck the new freedom." And he starts breaking down his setup, shutting things down and packing it in padded bags.

Once Aseneth is gone, Kayden pauses his packing up, slumping back down into the chair, which gives a little squeak, and he lets out a long breath, shifting the pistol at his back to a more comfortable place. He lifts one arm, sniffs under it, then the other, the rank scent of her nervous sweat clear to his nose at that close range. "Whoof." Rubbing across his brow, he lets himself slump a moment longer. He mutters to himself, "God I hope I covered my tracks well enough."