Log Title: Identity Issues
Summary: Nyda discovers that it's not easy to talk about yourself while pretending to be someone else.
IC Date: December 8, 2380
OOC Date: December 8, 2018
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Kayden flops back across Nyda's bed, his breathing quick and sharp, his heartbeat pounding in his ears. A little laugh bubbles up from his throat, and he reaches over to grasp Nyda's hip a moment, then feel up for her arm and then her hand to squeeze her fingers, "Damn, Ny." The toes of one foot nudge up against the bottom of one of hers, and he eventually flops his head over to look at his lover, "That's good. Primo. Awesome. It's like… totally been different since you got out. What's gotten into you?" There's no sharpness in the question, just a warm, soporific haze of pleasure and comfort.

Nyda joins him in the absolutely lovely sprawl of limbs. Her green and blue hair fans out across the sheets. Her eyes are closed, chin tilted back to open her chest and neck to the cool air of their room. She turns her head slowly toward him when his fingers find hers, curling around them, and she squeezes in return. Her smile is warm and liquid, until he mentions when the change to her sexual appetite took hold. She chuckles, but it lacks its fire and warmth. She shakes her head. "I don't know… guess almost getting pegged by the SFPD was enough to get me to worry I haven't fucked you enough."

Kayden pries himself up off the tangled sheets, lifting up on one elbow to study her as she chuckles with that little flatness to it, "I'm not complaining, Nyda." He drops back onto the covers once more, and then gives a little tug at their entwined hands, "You were really worried, babe?" His head stays flopped over to study her, his breathing slowing just a little bit at a time, "Didn't you figure that your boss would get you out? I mean, you've got to know more than he wants to see in there, right?"

Nyda slides a gaze over her shoulder, watching him as he settles back into the sheets. There's a quiet, thoughtful moment from the gray-eyed woman as she just admires the long lengths of muscle, the way his skin shifts beneath it. She is quite intrigued by the way Kayden just moves, comes together. She can almost feel this sleeve's interest as it blends with her own growing interest. It is becoming hard to recognize what is the natural attraction that Nyda has, and the attraction she has separate from that. She slowly slides backwards, collapsing back onto the bed beside him. Her fingers slide through her hair, tugging slightly at the green and blue lock. She glances sidelong to him at his questions, and she frowns slightly. "No. I was barely in there at all. They couldn't connect me to what happened, thought I was just an unfortunate passer-by."

For all the little differences in Nyda's actions, the form that Kayden admires is the same, and he glances up to her face in time to catch her looking at him as well. His head rolls back as he laughs, shaking his head as he curls their joined hands over her head to wrap his arm around her shoulders and gather their hands on her far shoulder, "So what freaked you out, babe?" Turning his head toward hers, he presses a kiss to her temple, "I mean, you're tough enough to handle a couple hours in the slammer." His eyes settle from their humor, a flicker of concern touching them, "I'm tryin' to understand so I can help."

The embrace is not awkward or strange, but instead is leaned into and curled into until she's tucked against him with her head on his shoulder and hair tossed about in a short cascade of sea-like colors. She smiles warmly at that first moment only to snort slightly at the next words. She shifts her head against his shoulder. She remembers what her mentor always said: couch the lies in truth and no one will realize the difference. She breathes out a slow breath. "Hanne was there. My sister."

"Yeah?" Kayden's thoughtful for a moment, his fingers stroking at the skin of her shoulder, and then he nods, "You mentioned she wanted to see you. That where you heard from her?" As interrogations go, it's certainly not in a 'usual' situation, and it's damned casual. "You checked in with her while I was head-down though, didn't you? And I forgot to ask." His arm tightens lightly at her shoulders, and he adds, "Sorry, Nyda. I meant to."

The breath that escapes her is steadying, and she looks slightly away as she rests her cheek and chin lightly against his chest. She shrugs slightly, trying to be dismissive while also aware that there's nothing she can really do to keep this conversation from unfolding. She tucks her head against her shoulder briefly before she looks back up at him. "No. Hanne just took one look at me and left." The truth. "I think she ones the one who got me out though… pulled some strings, or perhaps vouched for me, or something. It is hard to miss that we're identical." She then kisses his shoulder gently at his apology, and her eyes close as his arm tightens around her. "I checked in. She's alright, but… didn't have much time to talk or catch-up."

Kayden draws his head back, "Huh. Guess blood is ticker than water." He sounds surprised, but not entirely displeased, not in the slightest. His fingers loose from hers, and stroke down her back, "She didn't want anything from you? When you checked in? If she's got the pull to get you out, I'm shocked she didn't want some leverage or somethin'. I mean, you're a bit of big deal, yeah? What's she do, anyhow, that she's got that kind of pull?" The question is curious, but not sharp, and he presses another kiss to her temple as she nestles in at his chest.

The glide of his hand down her back sparks low and gentle murmurs of satisfaction. Then she turns her head back up at him as he asks those questions, and Nyda's expression shifts to something a bit more disquieted. She frowns, leaning back slightly to look at him with serious gray eyes. "No. She didn't ask me for anything." There's a little lie there that is hard to miss. She isn't telling him everything, holding back. She doesn't shy away from his touch though. She leans into it even, nestling closer. "Hanne… we went two different ways. She went cop, I went… well." She smirks slightly. "I think she hopes I will find the error of myways."

Kayden draws his own head back a little, matching her slight withdrawal even as he keeps his hand down at the small of her back now. The words draw a frown of confusion, and then of thought, but he doesn't question directly — until she leans in an explains. Then he draws in a breath and gives her hip a little nudge with the hell of his hand, a little added connection to try and draw her eyes up again, "She's dirty. Isn't she? She's on someone's payroll, so she got you off." His laughter hoots just a little, and he lets his head drop back onto the covers, "Wow… I guess gettin' a little dirty runs in the family, doesn't it?"

"… Wh-what?" Nyda's actually stalled by that, and she leans back from Kayden despite how close she had been turning to him moments ago. "No way." She shakes her head, absolutely against the mere idea that Hanne would be dirty, could be dirty. "No way." She repeats again, and she starts to laugh — a weird instinct to dash away the outrageous suggestion with humor. "Kayden, my sister would real death before she would go dirty." There's something odd in those words, though, some strange little quiver of doubt.

"Really?" Kayden draws in one foot, lifting his knee as he does and shifting back just a touch so he can roll his far shoulder up and turn to face her a little more squarely, "I thought you hadn't seen her in a while? You never know what could have happened, right?" His left arm, the one not wrapped about her back, lifts up from her hip to brush her chin with the pad of his thumb, "What if someone's got leverage on her? I mean, it's got to be someone who likes you, right? Since you got let out. You can use this, Nyda." And then he brings it back around, a grin splitting his face as he leans forward to steal a sharp kiss with a little nip at her lower lip at the end, "You can use it and stick around screwing me like you've just rediscovered how to live."

Poor Nyda. It actually is a thought that resonates in her own head. Poor Nyda. Poor me. What kind of life was Nyda living before this moment where the boyfriend she's been with for several long months thought that their sex life was so bland, she forgot how to live. She looks over at Kayden in the wake of the sharp kiss, her eyes searching his a long moment. Then she shakes her head. "I don't know, Kayden… I can't imagine that Hanne would have those kind of connections, or just allow herself to fall in like that. She's… she's…" The Good One almost escapes her lips, but it is something Nyda would never say. She never saw the world as Good and Bad, like Hanne does.

Not that Kayden would have put it that way, but there's definitely a difference between before and after the brief incarceration of Nyda's sleeve. He meets that searching gaze easily enough, his own eyes the dancing gaze of a trickster, and he accepts the pressure of her words eventually, "Alrighty, she's the goodie two shoes who doesn't know how to get ahead in life." There's still a little calculation behind his blue eyes, but he laughs it off, "But that doesn't mean that you and me can't gain something from this. Don't know what, but I'm sure there's something." His fingers brush back from her chin, along her cheek and jawline, and then drop away, his body still twisted up to half-turn toward her, "I got the intel we need, by the way. Finished up just before I came over. You're looking at two of the newest employees of SaniTech Incorporated — or at least you will be once we've got our IDs and uniforms on."

Something in Kayden's eyes concern her — if he starts looking around Hanne, what will he find? Hanne Remington has disappeared, on some extended assignment in Los Angeles. She hasn't been seen since Nyda's incarceration — however brief — and maybe that might be odd, or maybe not. Kayden might think nothing of it, but it might drop a little nugget of thought — and tiny idea. So, she breathes out a slow exhale, and her expression becomes serious. "No." The word is delivered flatly. "We keep Han out of this, alright?" Then she rubs a bit at the underside of her nose. "We celebrate better sex, but no sniffing around Hanne, alright? She doesn't need that on her doorstep." The shift toward mission discussions does quiet her a moment, and then she nods as she curls her arm up under her head. She leans her head into her arm. "I always wanted to be a janitor."

The seriousness of Nyda's response draws a concerned frown onto Kayden's features, but he nods his grudging acceptance, "Alright, alright. No poking around your sister for dirt. I've got the dirty one anyhow." Theoretically, that's two different sorts of dirty. Shifting his sprawl around to brace his hand on the side of his head, nudging her bare feet with his own, "Well, personally I would've aimed a little higher, but if I can fulfill your life's desire, hey, I'm not going to complain." He waits a beat, "Just wait until you see the uniforms before you decide you're getting everything you want to. They're ass, and not in the good way."

His final affirmation that he will leave Hanne alone is enough to make Nyda nod, her thanks quiet. Then she curls her head back into her arm once more, and she watches him with those serious gray eyes. Her smile returns after a heartbeat of time, and she reaches out with her other hand to brush her fingers along his jaw and behind his ear. She pulls him in close so she can press a soft kiss to his lips — perhaps to soothe some of the sting from her sharp request to leave Hanne Remington alone. "It's alright. I'm sure you will still look amazing in yours."

Kayden leans in to meet the kiss, smiling against her lips. Leaning back again into his palm, he nods, "Of course. Because it's my face that's hot. It won't matter in the slightest that you can't see shit about my body." He's… either very confident or very self-deprecating. "Since your hotness is spread between face and body, you're going to be at a disadvantage." His left hand reaches for her hip, drawing her all the closer, and then he purrs, as if he were describing something suitable for a boudoir, "Shapeless, waistless, beige… with pads in all the wrong spots."

"I'm trying to decide if that's a compliment or not. Should my hotness not be evenly distributed?" There's something so adorably awkward about that question, and somehow Nyda asks it with a smile. Then she scoots in close, drawn in by the weight of his hand on her hip. She tilts her head at the purrs, and she smiles at the description before it turns into a soft laugh. "Mmm, sounds very sexy, I agree." Then something about his description has her brows arching slightly. "So… which places are the pads in?"

"Oh come on, Ny… you know that's a compliment." His hand returns to her chin, lifting her face up for a slow kiss. Kayden's cocky grin flashes broad as he draws back from the kiss, "Okay, not all the wrong places. They got the knees, at least, but also the shoulders and the ass." He frowns a little in puzzled amusement at that, shaking his head, "No idea why there's padding there." And then the grin is back, "That's one of the problems, of course. You've got an awesome ass." That statement causes Kayden to look down suddenly, clearing his throat as if he might have gone overboard somehow. Don't expect rationality all the time.