Log Title: Privacy in your Own Head
Summary: Aseneth hires Kayden to do some hacking of her sleeve.
IC Date: December 5, 2380
OOC Date: December 5, 2018
Related Logs: None



Kayden Key should probably arrive at meets early. Unfortunately, he can get a little distracted when he's playing with code (or his newest Arcknight character online), and so he's actually four minutes late to the set meeting. The cover at Liquid Air is exorbitant, but he's been there before, so he's used to it. He's a bit underdressed for the place in a leather jacket and jeans, but what else is new. Heading for the bar, he inquires for his meeting, and is directed toward one of the tables in the back. He saunters slowly in that direction, shooting his cuffs as he goes.

Aseneth has had a table reserved, but it turns out - is not punctual. She passes right by Kayden, rushing for the seat, and of course not recognizing him - before sitting down, virtually plopping down in the booth in a distinctly unladylike fashion. Her clothing and grooming is emaculate; too emaculate in some respects; those with a fine eye for technology may spot some telltale indications the sleeve is a high-end synth - but the young woman herself looks uncomfortable and physically exhausted. She fiddles with a salt shaker at the table, before looking herself over, frowning slightly. The look isn't quite the same as nervousness, but something else. When she spots Kayden arriving however, she sits up, and composes herself. Her demeanor changes completely, becoming more confident. She plasters a smile on her face.

Kayden spots the woman rushing to the table just as she arrives and he closes in on it. His own smile comes easily enough, long experience about shady meets in nightclubs that are ear-thrashingly-loud away from tables and quite comfortable at them. It falters just a little as he recognizes the quality of the synth, and hence the quantity of the money behind it. Still, he slips into the booth opposite her, "I'm Kayden. If the bartender didn't send me to the wrong table, I figure you've got something you want to talk to me about."

Her demeanor still entirely different - cool, calm and collected, as if nothing at all was wrong a moment ago - Aseneth gives a businesslike nod. "Quite." she says, agreeing. "I'm Aseneth. I believe you are, then, the contact I was referred to." She looks tempted to say more, for a moment, but goes silent, and purses her lips. "I'm told you are a skilled hacker, who can be discrete, and both are qualities of interest to me. The latter more then the former."

Nodding at her introduction, Kayden hooks his elbows on the back of the booth, slouching back into the seat a little. He nods again at the description, then laughs in amusement, letting it die down immediately to chuckles, "Yeah, I can do both — hack and keep my lips shut. Is this a job that you're going to need me to make on-site access, or is it something I can do virtual?" Shrugging slightly, he adds, "It matters because if it's on-site, I'm going to need to subcontract out protection for while I'm distracted."

Aseneth is about to shake her head, when she makes a concious, deliberate effort to wave her hand, instead. "No, nothing like that." A pause. "Not yet, at least. Actually, I'm not sure how difficult a job this will be, because its not a situation I was entirely prepared for." A pause. "My current sleeve is synthetic, you see. Its owned by one of the Houses. I reside in it on a long-term lease to own basis. I'm not entirely aware of what the terms were, for reaons I don't want to get into. I don't intend to steal the sleeve, or do anything illegal - but I want it checked for monitoring and tracking programs, and especially spyware. Since its a leased sleeve, I'm sure there will be. I know there is spyware, at least - and I'd like anything that can be removed without getting me caught or in some sort of legal trouble, removed." A pause. "Basically, I want to know whats installed in me, how much of what I do they know about, and I'd like to make sure I have as much privacy inside my own head as possible." For a start, at least.

Kayden nods along with the reassurances that the job isn't that dangerous or that difficult, or even illegal (although that one lifts his eyebrows in surprise). It's when she describes the actual job, however, that his eyes start to get bigger and his brows really climb his forehead. "You want me to hack into a synth owned by the Houses, crack their programming encryption, and delete some of their programming without them knowing it's gone — and you just told me that in the sleeve you know they're recording?" That gets a little chuckle from the hacker, but it's a nervous thing, rather than an amused one. Of course, any good negotiator is going to overemphasize the difficulties to drive up the price, but if he's doing that, he might be laying it on a little thick, "Which means it's gotta happen before your next update, and I've got to delete this recording too, yeah?"

"Right." Aseneth says calmly. "And when they do an over the air update, it needs to not just restore the programming from backup, either. If it was a matter of getting a computer fixed, I wouldn't have had to contact a fixer. Fortunately, if your used to breaking into places and hiring protection, I'm going to presume this is within your capacities. It would, of course, have been ideal to have asked you to do it while not in this sleeve, but if I had that choice, I would not require your services in the first place."

"So you don't just need the new code, you need it to be an update that takes the code back with it to the server and overwrites the original." Kayden stifles another laugh, wiping his hand across his mouth to do it. "It's certainly a tall ask. But, you've come to the right place. I can do it." He hopes. Drawing in a slow breath, he spreads out his arms across the back of the booth again, stretching them wide. It's something of a primitive confidence display, the sort of subconscious widening of his frame that might intimidate intelligent gangers, "It's going to cost you, though."

"I don't think it needs to go back to the server, just give a false message that the software is installed, the same as you would when cracking a videogame in Virtual." Aseneth counters, her eyes darting towards Kayden's body language. "This isn't my first trip around the block, Mr. Kayden, and while I may not have your expertise, I'm not unfamiliar with it, either." Again, in contrast to her earlier behavior, her voice and body language is still cool and calm.

The response draws a grin, "Well that's good then. I've been cracking games since I could barely walk." Which is an exaggeration, of course. Kayden was at least ten. "If they're just querying, not pushing new code, that's much more doable." And the semi-subtle threat display calms, his grin spreading boyishly, "Still hacking apart Houses code, so it's not a walk in the park, but much more doable. I've got one other job ahead of you in the queue, but I should be able to get on it in the next day or two. I'll need access to the sleeve somewhere that I can work without being disturbed. Probably for five or six hours. I'll be able to do a lot of the prep work ahead of time, but I'll need to be able to bring my comp with me. And I'll need," he quotes a price that sounds relatively exorbitant to him, and probably is for the streets, but falls short of overly impressive from a Houses level, "half up front, half when I finish."

Old habbits die hard. Aseneth considers the price for a moment, and names a figure half of what Kayden is asking for. She leans back slightly, and gives Kayden a lazy grin of her own. "But paying half-upfront wouldn't be a problem. Neither would access. Depending on my…" And for the first time sinc the start of the conversation, her certainty gives way to nervousness and uncertainty, "…schedule…. we can meet somewhere of your choosing if you give me a timeframe." After a moment, the mask is back up again.

Kayden scoffs at the price, but offers a figure halfway between his starting price and hers. The flicker of uncertainty sharpens Kayden's eyes, but he likely misreads it, "Well, of course, we can't have any of your long-term clients getting upset that they missed their slot." The innuendo is delivered with enough deadpan to make it unclear if it's an intentional double-entendre or not, but only just. Drawing a card from inside his jacket, he scrawls a computer address on it, "Get me at least two possibilities, at least three days from now, and I'll get back to you with my chosen time and place."

Aseneth pauses a moment, looking indecisive, and seems to settle for taking the card. "Fine." she says, one word for both his compromise figure and instructions. "I'll have half the credits sent to you by way of the fixer. You should have them within the hour. Does that suffice?"

"Just fine," Kayden nods, flashing that smile again, "Don't worry Aseneth, you'll be on your way to privacy, if not freedom, within the week."

"A first step, at least." Aseneth stands up and extends her hand. "Hopefully this works out, and we can do future business together." she says. "Thank you for your time, Mr. Kayden."

Kayden takes her hand, shakes it once, and then levers himself out of his seat, "Won't be a problem. It's a guarantee." Which he can make somewhat safely because if he screws up badly enough, he might disappear. This is the Houses, after all. "Have a nice evening."