Below you will find answers to common questions. This page will be updated over time.

Q: Do you follow the book or show canon?

We follow the show canon, though our game takes place four years before the events of the first episode. However, we use the books to flesh out the theme. In the event that the books and the show disagree, we take the show as canon. We do that because players are likely to be the most familiar with the show - not because we believe the show is superior. There are instances where we differ from both the books and the shows. See below:

Q: What have you added/removed from canon?

There are a few small modifications to canon. The biggest change has to do with personality frag and reesleeving. In the world of Altered Carbon (both show and book) most people only resleeve once before they opt for storage due to personality frag. However, we didn't want the most interesting thing about the theme to only be available to those with extensive military training or a lot of money. So personality frag only happens if you're in a new sleeve long-term. Short-term resleeving carries a much lower risk of personality frag, provided you spend most of your time in one sleeve. This preserves the key thematic element of 'only meths are truly immortal' while allowing players to explore sleeve swapping without heavy military training. However, sleeve sickness still applies. Those who wear other sleeves short-term on a regular basis have a modification on their stack that helps to mitigate it. However, sleeve sicknesses is still very much a thing. Only meths and those with extensive, high-level military training can be up and fighting within minutes of decanting. Everyone else requires at least a few hours to adjust.

The other addition is the creation of the Guild of Professional Private Investigators. Staff recognizes that PIs are a popular trope to play and wanted a way for multiple players to take on what is generally considered a solitary role.

Q: Can I play a meth?

Meths are not appable at this time. Some meths will be made available as staff NPCs for plot purposes.

Q: Can I play a child in an adult's body or vice versa?

All DHF (human consciousness) and sleeves must be 20 years of age or older. The game is adult oriented, so we would like the game to be populated with adult characters. Please refrain from NPCing children. You can mention children, but they are in general, seen but not heard.

Q: What does the general public know of the Quellists and the Envoys?

Quellists are generally viewed negatively - as a group of violent revolutionaries who killed innocents. Some people still believe Quellcrist Falconer may have been right - that the meths hold too much power and that no one should live forever. However, no one has taken up her cause. If someone believes she's right, they tend to keep that to themselves. The Envoys were all killed violently 250 years ago and their stacks contaminated.

Q: Why don't you have a traditional grid?

A traditional grid seemed unnecessary. The main benefit of a grid is to show where things are in relation to one another. Bay City is so huge and sprawling with so many locations, it would represent a great deal of investment of time to build and craft descriptions. It made much more sense to pre-load our various RP rooms with descriptions representing different parts of the city. This database is being added to all the time by staff and players alike. There is an open RP room that functions as a public space. If you RP in there, you are letting people know that your scene is joinable for anyone.