The below list of factions is by no means exclusive. Not every player will have a faction, and not every example listed below would fit exclusively under that umbrella. For instance, if you were a hacker with a corporate master, you would be listed as corporate rather than criminal.

For a list of other kinds of affiliations players might have, see organizations.


If you go high enough, you'll find a meth at the head of every corporation. Many employees of the corps will never meet a meth, just like employees of a megacorporation may never meet its CEO. By and large, all the corps are concerned with maintaining the status quo and keeping the meths in power. Innovation is only allowed as long as it doesn't threaten the power dynamics. People can only rise through the ranks so far before they hit a ceiling. Still, those high ranks come with great privileges and wealth - just not enough to guarantee immortality.

The following types of characters might be under this faction:

  • White-collar workers of all kinds
  • Scientists
  • Private security



The Colonial Tactical Assault Corps is the military force of The Protectorate. They are a highly trained force that specializes in counter-terrorism and quelling uprising on colonial worlds. They operate by needlecasting to other worlds to act as insurgent forces. They are trained and modified to withstand sleeve sickness and can be combat-ready within minutes of casting. Domestically, they are used to guard government officials and installations. Some will act as special investigators, but this is fairly rare.


This category covers legitimate independent operators. Non-guild private investigators, technical consultants (essentially hackers who stay on the good side of the law), bodyguards, consultants - anyone who isn't answerable to a corporate boss would fall under this umbrella. This includes small business owners, sleeve brokers who aren't part of a larger corporate structure and operate legitimately, fight drome combatants and operators, shop owners, etc.


The majority of private investigators are licensed by the Guild of Professional Private Investigators (formally, the GPPI) known in shorthand as Trackers. Each PI acts as sort of like a franchise owner. Many work solo, but they are able to take on associates and admin support should their reputation and caseload grow. They have professional accreditation and licensing, and there is a board that oversees misconduct allegations. The GPPI also has guidelines for case-sharing. There are strict rules governing seniority and payment sharing should two investigators end up on the same case by matter of course, or because the client hired multiple investigators for a complicated case.

Given the police are so overtaxed and tend to prioritize real death cases, PIs are kept quite busy. A PI can try to work without licensing from the GPPI, but they will often find local authorities, contacts, and recordkeepers aren't willing to work with them.


Houses are high-end brothels, some located on stations in orbit, and others ground-based establishments. These cater to everyone from businesspeople to the ultra-rich. Although the Houses on Earth are tightly regulated for security, legality, cleanliness and the health of the staff, the satellite houses tend to get away with much seedier happenings. There are rumours that the orbital Houses even cater to violent fetishes, though nothing has been proven.


Being an employee of one of the Earth-based Houses is seen as a reputable and even respected profession. Some professional actors and media personalities are not shy about the fact that they got their start in Houses. They provide a full, often themed experience, such as a Greek grotto or a speakeasy in the Roaring 20s. Some of the workers in the Houses inhabit leased sleeves that are best suited to the theme of their working establishment, while others modify their sleeve with cosmetic surgery. It's the rare House employee who hasn't had some sort of work done. Although the employees will have sex with the patrons, they will also provide conversation, massage, perform private routines, mix drinks and even cook for their clients. They can also be hired out as escorts to events.

Below that, are seedier and less reputable brothels, strip clubs, peep shows (colloquially known as Barns) and more. Some higher end establishments try to pass themselves off as Houses, but actual Houses have strict licensing requirements. These establishments treat their employees with varying levels of respect.

NOTE: Employees of the Houses or other brothels are not obligated in any way to TS with you. Fade to black can start before so much as a touch is exchanged if the employee or client wishes. Also, as noted in the policies on rape, any sexual RP must be consensual in nature.

Law Enforcement

The police of Bay City are overworked, understaffed and underfunded. As a society that views sleeve death or injury as property damage, it's not given the same weight as it used to. Police tend to focus on organized crime and real death. Sleeve damage can even be a misdemeanor in some cases. It's very easy for cops to become jaded and some will take bribes or work on the side. Still, they do fairly well at keeping the peace in a nearly impossible situation.

Police divisions are arranged much like in real life. There are a few specialized divisions beyond the standard types such as narcotics.

  • Organic Damage (aka, death or damage to sleeve. Akin to property damage and sometimes treated as a misdemeanor.)
  • Sleeve Theft (which covers both the property theft aspect as well as identity theft in general.)
  • DHF Abuse (including inserting a stack into an animal or torture in AI. This is much more severe than organic damage and carries harsh penalties.)

Undercover cops can apply for temporary identity overlay permits to hide their identities when DNA scans are used. Higher up levels of law enforcement, some government officials and some other law enforcement agencies can see that there is a permit applied.


Ex-cops or ex-soldiers often find work as Commissionaires. They act as private security for businesses and individuals, or are contracted by a venue. The Houses often employ Commissionaires, while brothels tend to contract out to less savory types. Sometimes members of the GPPI will hire Commissionaires as extra muscle on cases when they'd rather not work with another investigator.

Commissionaires have a rank structure but that relates more to pay and types of jobs the individual gets rather than one that establishes strict seniority. A Commissionaire with more experience and training would be hired on in a supervisory role, and thus would be above junior members for a particular job. So rank structures can change based on the job and the makeup of Commissionaires hired.


This category covers everything from petty thieves to hackers/dippers, all the way up to crime bosses.