Concept Pitch

Before you proceed with chargen, please either page Blade Runner, message on Discord or submit a +request with a one-paragraph description of the character you want to app. This is done to confirm the elements of your character fit with the theme before you go through all the effort of constructing your character. Staff may also suggest new hooks/angles to help provide a niche for your character.

Banned/Restricted char types


The following character types are currently banned.

  • Meths
  • Characters with pheromone manipulation of any kind
  • Sleeves or consciousnesses under 20 years of age (see policy on age)
  • Envoys (they are all dead in our continuity)
  • Characters who are double-sleeved (ie: their consciousness was copied and exists in two sleeves at once.) This is highly illegal (the punishment is deletion) and taboo.


If you are interested in any of the following character types, please submit a one-paragraph pitch to staff via +request before beginning chargen. Please note that even a good concept may be denied if there are already several of the below in-play. Staff will try to mark a character type as temporarily banned in that case. If you are given the go-ahead to app one of the following, you may receive an additional point allotment (depending on the situation.)

  • Rich (above upper middle class, able to afford a single cloned sleeve. Usually company CEOs or wealthy professionals)
  • Fallen Meth (this is not a net positive for a character, but these should be rare)
  • AIs (not allowed as a first alt given their limitations)
  • Crime bosses with significant resources and influence (expected to help drive plot)
  • Characters over 60 years of age on their second sleeve
  • Characters with high-end military-grade augmentations and neurachem
  • Characters who are somehow able to avoid personality frag.


The following character types are not currently restricted but you may want to rethink because we have several similar characters on the grid as it stands. They may also move to the restricted section if it continues to be popular.

  • Former C-TAC (Consider instead: former cop, former private security. Active C-TAC is not currently overdone.)



Please choose a name that suits the theme. Please note that even though we are a cyberpunk game, people do not use stereotypical cyberpunk names like 'Amethyst Ghost' or something, unless you are a hacker/dipper. In which case, you would have a handle in addition to your real name. The flavour of names in the Altered Carbon universe tends to lean towards mixed origin (aka the book's protagonist, Takeshi Kovacs.)
+fullname <full name>
+aka <alternate name, if appropriate. This is different from an alias, which is a short-form of your name used for paging purposes>


There are two ages you must set. The first is your character's actual age (ie, the age of your consciousness.) The second is the age of your sleeve. If you are in your birth sleeve, this will be the same. NOTE: Both your actual age and your sleeve age must be 20 years of age or above.
+age <age> - The age of your character's stack.
+sleeveage <age> - The age of your current sleeve.


@gender <your birth gender>
@sleevesex <male or female> - The sex of your current sleeve.*

*NOTE: Your sleeve is identified by biological sex, as a sleeve does not have any gender identity attached to it. Your gender carries through with your stack into different sleeves.

Faction and Character Type

+faction <name>
Not everyone will have a faction, but please indicate it if it applies. This field is freeform, so you can add your own.

  • Law Enforcement
  • C-TAC
  • GPPI
  • Corporate
  • Houses
  • Freelance
  • Criminal

Every character will fit in to one of the following types:
+type <name>

  • Human
  • Augmented Human
  • Tech Ninja
  • Synth
  • AI


If you have an actor in mind for your character, you can set them using the +actor command. Actors are strongly encouraged.

If you are casting previous sleeves, please note that we have a policy of one 'A-Lister' per character. That means you could not take Angelina Jolie as your PB and Scarlett Johansen as a past sleeve. Any past/future PBs must be considered B-list or below if your main sleeve is an A-lister. A-Listers are PBs that are very often in use on games. If you are unsure if your PB qualifies as an A-Lister, please ask staff. Past PBs are considered unofficial and will not show up as taken in the +actors command on-game.

In the case of Tech Ninjas or inhuman looking characters, we will allow concept art to represent your character. Please do not use animated/cartoon characters (ie, anime) for your PB. We want to be able to visualize your character in our world, and highly stylized PBs do not do that.


This is where you set your skills, abilities and background skills. Please see the room in chargen for instructions.

Please note that all of your attributes should reflect your levels after any cybernetic or neurachem modifications. IE: if you have neurachem-enhanced reflexes, your stats should reflect that. See Augmentations for more information. See economy for relative prices of augmentations.

If you have a character who has more than one sleeve (this would be possible, but rare) please app the stats of your primary sleeve. There doesn't exist anyone who spends equal time in two different sleeves, as this would lead to premature personality frag. So you would have one primary sleeve. Please note that your secondary sleeve should have the same stats or lower to your primary one OR be used in only very specific circumstances (ie, a monstrous sleeve that is only used in the fight drome.)


You can set it by typing &bg me=<your background text>. You can use the built-in MUSH editing commands (@edit, @dec, etc.) to edit it.

If your background is particularly long, you can split it into multiple attributes, like:
&BG1 me=This is the first part of my bg.
&BG2 me=This is the second part of my bg.

The +bg command will let you view your background.

Your BG does not have to be extensive. A few paragraphs is sufficient. Please make sure that your stats are reflected in your BG. If your sheet says you have neurachem, for instance, your BG should cover how and why you got it, and how your character paid for/acquired it.

Please do not crib directly from other sources for your character. If you would get called out for plagiarism if you published a book starring that character, don't do it here. Taking inspiration is fine, but direct ports are not allowed. IE, you could use Harrison Ford in Blade Runner as a PB, but you shouldn't app him as a cop or a PI who hunts down illegal Synths.


This section is for your character's RP Hooks and Drives.

RP Hooks are ways for your character to get involved in the game and for other characters to find easy ways to include your character. You can find yours and others in +sheet2.

Drives are what your character wants out of life. These are, by nature, things your character will likely never achieve. They are the things your character is working towards, things that drive him or her. It's essentially your core character motivation. You can have more than one of these. If you only have one, please make sure it's a couple of sentences long.