Tom Ellis
Tom Ellis as Dante Leopold Taylor (Royal)
Full Name: Dante Leopold Taylor (Royal)
AKA: His Royal Highness, Duke of Cumberland
Age: 34
Sleeve Age: 34
Gender: Male
Sleeve Gender: Male
Faction: GPPI
Character Type: Human
Partner(s): Yes please? Height: 6'2"
Father: Jacob Archibald Taylor, former Duke of Cumberland Physique: Fit
Mother: Lady Josephine Taylor Hair Color: Brown
Siblings: Two Eye Color: Brown
Children: None (that he knows of.)


character info

Dante Taylor earned the nickname 'Royal' from the other members of the GPPI because, well, he's actually a royal. He's seventh in line for the throne for the Kingdom of Great Britain and the Duke of Cumberland, but he only keeps that title and status so long as he doesn't resleeve. That sounds fancy, but in truth the monarchy is barely relevant inside the borders of Great Britain, and nothing more than an antique curiosity outside.

Some think he's slumming it by being a PI, but he finds it a truly fascinating mental exercise.

He's in over his head.


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