Julia Jones
Julia Jones as Ariana Longbow
Full Name: Ariana Longbow
AKA: Governor of Three Moon Colony
Age: 208
Sleeve Age: 32
Gender: Female
Sleeve Gender: Female
Faction: Corporate
Character Type: Meth
Partner(s): Partner(s) Height: 5'6"
Father: Father Physique: Curvy
Mother: Mother Hair Color: Brown
Siblings: Siblings Eye Color: Brown
Children: Children


character info

Staff NPC.

Ariana Longbow is the governor of Three Moon Colony. While she lived on Earth a hundred or so years ago, she enjoyed a good reputation. Recently, she is best known as the meth governor who oversaw the brutal execution of separatist leaders in Three Moon Colony.

Someone also just fought in a sleeve that looks very much like hers in the Panama Rose in Licktown.


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