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The Stack is a MUSH based on Altered Carbon, both the Netflix show and the series of books by author Richard Morgan. We use elements of both to flesh out our theme. In the instances where the book and the show differ significantly, we take the show as canon. We do this not because we believe the show to be superior, but because we want the game to be as accessible to as many people as possible. It's likely that more people have watched a few episodes of the show than have read the books.

In many ways, the world of Altered Carbon is classic cyberpunk. There are towering buildings and a literally stratified society (with the rich in penthouses thousands of storeys high and the poor at earth level.) There are flying cars, cybernetic implants, designer drugs, artificial intelligence, robots, and interstellar travel.

The biggest difference is that everyone has a cortical stack - a device made of alien metal that stores the human consciousness. This stack can be inserted into another body (sleeve.) This has several implications for the structure and functioning of society. The ultra-rich have ways to re-sleeve indefinitely, while the rest of humanity don't even own their own body anymore - not really.

If you're unfamiliar with the theme, we suggest you check out our quick start guide.

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